Christos Lymberis

The Admiral a.a. Christos Lymberis, honorary AGEETHA, was born in 1935 in Askri, Thebes. In 1952 he entered the School of Naval Cadets from which he graduated in 1956 as a Battle Ensign of the P.N. He served on warships as an officer, Governor, Commander of groups of ships, chief fleet officer and Fleet Commander. He was the Commander of the School of Naval Cadets and Naval Training. He completed his career as Head of GEETHA. In the year 1973 he was imprisoned and deposed by the Dictatorship because he participated in the Navy Movement as the Governor of the Anti-Destroyer Panther. He returned to the ranks of P.N. with the restoration of the Republic. In addition to studying maritime science, he is also a graduate of the Economics Department of the University of Piraeus. From his marriage to Chrysoula Kataga, he had two children, both officers of the PN.

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