Matthew Green Frederica

Frederica Matthews-Green is a widely published author: she has published 10 books and approximately 800 articles in magazines and newspapers, including the Washington Post, Christianity Today, Smithsonian, and the Wall Street Journal. She is a regular commentator on National Public Radio (NPR), has her own column on Religion News Service,, and Christianity Today, and digital archives of her talks and commentaries are frequently uploaded to Ancient Faith Radio.
Her books include Welcome to the Orthodox Church (2015), The Jesus Prayer (2009), Facing the East: A Pilgrim's Journey into the Mysteries of Orthodoxy (1997) and The Illumination of the Heart: The Ancient Christian Path to Transformation ( 2001) have exerted a great influence on the American Christian readership, not only within the Orthodox Church, but also among other Christian denominations.
She has been invited repeatedly as a speaker at Yale, Harvard, Princeton, Wellesley, Cornell, Calvin, Baylor and Westmont Universities, while she has been awarded an Honorary Doctorate by King's University.
She and her husband Fr. Gregory Mathewes-Green reside in Johnson City, Tennessee. Their three children are married and have families of their own, giving her fourteen grandchildren.

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