Mamalakis Philippos

Dr. Filippos Mamalakis, with his wife Georgia and their seven children, live in Boston, United States, where he works as an Assistant Professor of Pastoral Care at Holy Cross Orthodox Theological School. He directs the educational program of the field, and the subject of his teaching concerns pastoral care, marriage and family, bereavement, death and the stage before death, as well as issues related to pastoral counseling. His private practice is located in Newton, Massachusetts, where Dr. Mamalakis works with individuals, couples and families. He also has a Masters in Theology from Holy Cross School of Theology, and a PhD from Purdue University. His doctoral dissertation was on child development and family issues, specializing in marriage and family psychotherapy. She has been teaching and writing about parenting issues for the past 21 years. He leads seminars on issues of intimacy, relationships, marriage, parenthood, and family life, as well as on Orthodoxy and psychology.

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