Apostolos Sunday

Pinakoulas p. Antonios

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The Apostle differs from the Gospel. In his texts there are no events of the life of Christ, miracles, teachings. Gospel in the apostolic texts is and means only the Cross and the Resurrection. In the Acts and the Epistles the narration of the testimony of the Cross and the Resurrection of Christ is subject to every word of them and follows everything drastically. It is the epic of the spread of Christianity, the formation of the first ecclesiastical communities in the cities and the hinterland of the Mediterranean coast and the treatment of their problems. The preacher does not have before him a systematic text with fixed language and terminology, but a living text colored by the psyche of the moment. The discourse is subjective, the teaching fragmentary, the author an expert, who most of the time believes in the imminent end of history and addresses communities that are in their infancy. The preacher of to-day may think that it would help him more to have before him texts of complete narrative, of cooler expression, and of complete presentation of the teaching. But then they would lose valuable elements of their truth, which are so similar to our time, in which subjectivism triumphs, the world is shattered and our church communities are searching for their identity in conditions of a great retreat of Christianity.

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