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During the roughly two and a half generations that atheism was rampant in Russia, multitudes of monks, laity, and clergy of all ranks were found in prisons, exiles, and the hideous Gulag labor camps. Thus emerged the new martyrs and confessors who, with their martyrdom and confession, supported the faithful and saved the faith.
In 2006, the confessor Raphael Seisenko (+6/19 June 1957) was added to the ranks of the faithful, martyrs and confessors of Optina, a burning torch of the love and mercy of Christ, who was imprisoned three times, with a total duration of his stay in the camps about twenty years of concentration...
...Both his life experience as well as his martyr endurance and patience are an example to be imitated, especially in the very difficult days we are going through, which also demand a martyr and confessional attitude from every Christian. (From the presentation on the back cover of the book)