Fr GEORGIOS FLOROFSKI - The life and work of a great theologian

Paul L. Gavrilyuk

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This sketch of the life of Fr Georgios Florovski reads more like an autobiography than a biography. Much of it is based on Father George's own recollections and recollections of his life at Princeton, when he was well into his seventies. For more than a dozen years I drove from New York to Princeton to visit him and his wife... His memories of his life in Russia, Europe, and finally America, he shared with us usually over tea in the afternoons or when we sat for a while after dinner at the big dining and working table...

When these visits of ours began it was not my intention to use what he recalled in those conversations to write his biography. But later, when I thought that the memories and reminiscences of Fr. Georgios might be of equal interest to others who were attracted to his life and his thought, I took the liberty of telling him that, if he wished and cooperated, I was willing to prepare a sketch of his biography with a view to publication. He agreed, and from then on I started asking him more systematically and taking notes diligently...

An exceptionally well-written account of the life of a man who has rightly been called "the church father of the 20th century"!

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