Four Sermons Delivered in the Cathedral of the Russian Orthodox Church in London in 1984

Bloom p. Antonios

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In the Deadly Procession we keep candles burning. In this way we testify before God that the person we are burying was a flame in the twilight of this world; we testify how this person did not live in vain and how we will keep, protect, increase and share this flame. .

We have stayed behind to make possible the multiplication and propagation of all that we have seen, all that we have heard and experienced; we have stayed behind to begin with a new chain of light upon the earth. And yet, if we are able to say truly and honestly that the man who departed this life was a treasure to us, then where our treasure is, there must be our heart (Matt. 6, 21) , and we too, together with the man who entered eternity, must live as fully and deeply as possible in eternity. Because eternity is the only "place" where we can be together with the forgiven man. And this means that the more our loved ones leave this earthly pilgrimage and enter the stability and peace of eternal life, the more we too must feel that we belong to that world and that the values ​​of that world gradually become our own. our values...

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