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A fairy tale different from the others

Encardia appeared for the first time in the discography at the end of 2004 with the album 'agapi mou fidella', the reception of which by the press, the media and the Greek public exceeded all expectations. Two years later and after more than a hundred live performances all over Greece, they present their second album with the title "the tale of the tarantula.

A CD with particular significance since, in addition to the band's personal, dynamic and renewed sound, two veterans of the Salentine musical tradition, Roberto Licci and Giovanni Avantaggiato, and with them two other members of the band, are presented for the first time in the data of the Greek discography. Ghetonia' by Emanuele Licci and Salvatore Cotardo.

A mosaic of Italian dialects, the lyrics of the songs travel us together with accordion, taborella-defia, mandolin, castanets, tambourines, guitars, harmonicas, double bass and above all voices!! voices from everywhere!!!

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Καλλιτέχνης: ENCARDIA

Κωδικός: ΜΚ3317