Μελωδικό Καράβι
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It is a CD released for the twenty years of Christos Tsiamoulis discography and contains twenty instrumental tracks from the cinema ("Flower of the Lake" by Stamatis Tsarouha) from documentaries (Athanassios Christopoulos-"A Forgotten Poet", "Sounds of Castles", " Great Monastery of Vatopedi"). The tracks are visually accompanied by twenty photographs by Manolis Panteris that move thematically close to the music titles, recalling travel memories. The musicians play: Nikos Oikonomidis and Gouvendas Kyriakos (violin), Antonis Apergis (guitars), Dustoulis Mimis (bass), Michalis Klapakis (percussion), Katsigiannis Andreas (sandour), Vougioukas Dimos (accordion), Sokratis Sinopoulos (politic lyre), Giorgos Kotsinis (clarinet), Panos Papazachariakis (guitar), Karipis Vangelis (percussion), Achalinotopoulos Manos (clarinet), Tambouris Petros and Stergiou Thanasis (cannon). As the composer notes: "This collection is like a diary that I flip through after a long time. For me it is a way to confront time, hoping that what remains is the justification for what I truly loved."

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