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The journey from the mind to the heart is like a pilgrimage; the believer follows a road, Tradition, and has a vehicle, the liturgical life. Tradition and liturgical life are two tools forged from the experience of the desert Fathers.

The Sanctuary does not belong to history, otherwise it would decline and be suffocated by circumstances. The Holy is unceasingly present, unceasingly unfolding, eternal, echoing eternity and the moment at the same time. To open ourselves to the Holy, we must rediscover the innocence, the wonder, the surprise of being little children again. Christ seeks us. Let's let Him grab us. This sacred serenity gives wings to the believer, allows him to complete creation, to cooperate with the Creator, to leave works of beauty for generations to come. In its depth are not written Laws. In its depth rests the Divine Presence.
The monk Ioannis shares what he lived and learned near the monks of Athos and next to his spiritual Father, abbot of the monastery of Agios Savvas in the Judean desert.