Dimitra Monastery

    Dimitra Moniou holds a PhD in Byzantine Philology from the University of Athens. He has dealt with Byzantine poetry, objectionable theology and historiography of the Palaiologian period, as well as late ecclesiastical Byzantine rhetoric. He has published critical editions and translated late Byzantine literary texts into modern Greek. Her works: 1) Georgiou Sfrantzis, Brachy Chroniko, Athens 2006, 2) Memories of Alos. Constantinople 1453, 4th ed. Athens 2010, 3) The Sermons of Niles, Metropolitan of Rhodes. An approach to late Byzantine ecclesiastical rhetoric, Athens 2010, 4) George Moschabar. An antithetical theologian of the early Palaeologian period. Life and work (dissertation), Athens 2011, 5) John VI Kantakouzinos-Ioannis Kyparissiotis. An important aspect of hesychastic quarrels, Thessaloniki 2012, 6) The Asmatic rules in Byzantium. The literary genre-A selection of anecdotal texts, Athens 2014, 7) Christoforos Mytilinaios, Miscellaneous Poems, Athens 2017 et al.

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