Looking for ways of faith in times of faithlessness

Mourtzanos p. Themistokles

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What does it mean to be a Christian in an era in which younger and older people find it difficult to look at life through the eyes of our neighbor and we have distanced our daily lives from the search for Truth, trapped in a lifestyle based on image, technology, relationships that cannot overcome the priority of the ego?

The answer comes from the word of God, the Gospel as it was experienced and is being experienced in the Church. It is like a lamp in the darkness, because it guides our path step by step. It is not a searchlight, which sometimes with its proud light gives the feeling, often an illusion, that we do not need to do anything, but it is enough to turn it on and everything will be illuminated. It is that old, humble lamp, which presupposes our concern to add to it the oil of faith, repentance, love, struggle, study. After all, the word always sounds comforting, calm, but also awakening: "whosoever will" (Mark 8:34).

Attempts to see the relevance of God's word in our lives, occasions for awakening, dialogue with modern challenges, which touch sometimes obviously, sometimes more invisibly, our daily life, this book includes.

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