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Neither my grandmother, nor my grandfather, nor anyone else related to me, as far as I know at least, comes from Smyrna. But I, like most Greeks, carry it inside me as a sweet memory, as misery, as pain but also strangely as a cause of pride and joy, which I hope my music will show you.

In this album, I didn't want to remind the well-known songs, the sounds or the music of Smyrna. After all, I am neither a musicologist nor a scholar of our tradition.

I wanted, in my own way, to describe my many times conflicting feelings in the living memory of what happened there but also of what is unfortunately to come.

In the end I think I wrote the music of a film about Smyrna, a film, which I see now, looking through the eyes of those who were there, yesterday.

A music that I hope will still exist tomorrow.


for Izmir...

  1. Footprints on the ground.
  2. Dance in the moonlight.
  3. The caravan.
  4. August 27.
  5. I love you I shout.
  6. The riddle.
  7. Satan asker.
  8. For Smyrna.
  9. Memories.
  10. I wanted.
  11. Asia Minor Coward.
  12. Walk in Kai.
  13. Black Rider.
  14. Stay there for a while.

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