Bathrellos p. Dimitrios

Father Dimitrios Bathrellos is a priest in the Holy Metropolis of Mesogaia and Lavreotiki. He studied philology (1986-1990) and theology (1991-1995) at the University of Athens, and systematic theology at King's College, University of London (1996-2000). He was awarded a Doctor of Systematic Theology by the University of London in 2001. He teaches doctrinal theology as a visiting lecturer at the Universities of Cambridge (since 2002) and London (since 2004), and has been a Visiting Research Fellow of King's College, University of London ( 2004-2007). His publications include The Byzantine Christ: Person, Nature and Will in the Christology of St Maximus the Confessor (Oxford: Oxford University Press 2004) and articles in international scholarly journals and collective volumes.

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