The contribution of Fr. Alexander Schmemann to liturgical theology

Basioudis p. Georgios

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Archpriest Alexander Smeman (1921-1983) belongs to the generation of great Orthodox theologians of the twentieth century, who with their lives and their theology managed to move thousands of people across the length and breadth of our planet, Orthodox Christians and non-Orthodox Christians. articulating, in a language rooted in the tradition and worship of the Orthodox Church, but at the same time renewed, fresh and able to choose with the modern man, a prophetic word, a resurrecting word, an essential word, a word of life.

This book by Fr. Georgios Basioudis is an in-depth study and evaluation of his speech. The sources of his thought and the factors that shaped it are sought, and his work is included in the broader theological contexts of the twentieth century. The central theme of his theology is the method of Functional theology, which he scientifically documents and applies to present Orthodox worship to modern man in an existential way, with the aim of motivating him to discover its power.

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