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A little cobbler

Blessed Father Alexander Smeman was born in 1921 in Estonia. The Russian revolution forces his family a few years later to leave Russia and settle in Paris where Alexander lived his youth, did his circular studies and later in the difficult years of the war (1940-45) did his university studies at the Theological Institute of Saint Sergius in Paris. He specializes in church history. Then he himself teaches church history at Saint Sergius, marries Juliana Oshoguin of Russian origin (in 1943) and is ordained a priest (in 1946). In Agios Sergios he continues to teach until his family's departure for America in 1951. In 1959 he obtains the title of doctorate from the University of Agios Sergios. From 1963 until his death in 1983, he officially assumed the position of Dean at Agios Vladimiros. The founding of the Autocephalous Orthodox Church of America (OCA) in 1970 was an important stage in his struggles for the diaspora problem.

The insightful way in which we approached contemporary culture, church life and liturgical celebration left an indelible mark on the global Christian community. His numerous books have been translated into many languages ​​of the world and are essential readings for anyone who wants to know orthodox Christian theology.

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