Brek p. Ioannis

Father Ioannis Breck was born in New York in 1939. He studied Theology at Brown and Yale Universities and holds a doctorate from the University of Heidelberg. Not long after his studies, he converted to the Orthodox faith and taught for three years at St Herman's Orthodox Theological Seminary in Kodiak, Alaska, where he was ordained a priest. He moved to France in 1978 and for six years taught biblical hermeneutics at the Orthodox Institute of Saint Sergius. Returning to the US, he taught New Testament and Ethics at St. Vladimir's Orthodox Theological Seminary from 1984 to 1996. In 1996, with his wife Lynn, he founded the Pastoral Retreat Center of St. Silwan, South Carolina – a retirement home priests and elders.
He is the author of several books on interpretive theology and bioethics.

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