Saint Moses

The monk Moses was born in Athens in 1952. He lived on Mount Athos for about 35 years. He was engaged in iconography, poetry, criticism and writing. He has published 52 books and has written more than a thousand articles.

His works have been translated into other languages ​​and won awards. He has given a series of speeches, following invitations from metropolitan cities, universities and associations, in Greece and abroad. He has participated as a speaker in 80 conferences.

He has served as chief secretary of the Holy Community of Mount Athos. He was editor-in-chief of the holy magazine "Protaton" for twenty years and a member of prominent associations. He was an Elder from the age of 25 of the Kalyvi of Agios Ioannou chrysostomos of the Holy Skete of Agios Panteleimonos - Koutloumousiou, of which he served as Dikaios. He was considered the most prolific modern Agioreite.

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