Lorentzatos Zisimos

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With a gap of fifty-five years since Essay I (1947) on Solomon, today I am starting to write the belated Essay II on Calvos. Both of these leading Greek poets are contemporaries and I will not repeat here what is related to the intellectual movement in the time of Kalvos. I mentioned them in Essay I on the Salmon. The spiritual movement at that time is common to both. We see that the attitude of the two contemporary poets towards the rise of Genus against Turkey is also common, although expressed in completely different ways. The way of Solomos was fruitfully followed by the younger Greek poetry until today. No one followed the way of Kalvos. He remained exclusive, forbidding, condemned. Calvos locked himself in there. We can love him or understand him, we cannot follow him. He himself forbids us with his exclusivity in poetry, but also in general as a human being. Not that Solomon became an easier man, but Calvos remains unreachable and distant

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