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After the collapse of the communist regimes and the explosion of the Yugoslav crisis, the Balkans have entered a trajectory of rapid developments with an unpredictable outcome. The hitherto stable facts that defined the Balkan status quo seem to be irreparably shaken. Threats and risks are more or less known. But within this crisis, the conditions for the self-awareness and self-determination of the peoples of the Balkans emerge. Given the fluidity, the field is open for the formulation of thoughts and proposals that would have been unthinkable a few years ago. One of the ideas that are slowly starting to be discussed more and more seriously is the idea of ​​the Balkan Commonwealth. The text published here is the content of a speech in which I present my personal view on the Balkan Commonwealth. This speech was delivered (abbreviated in several parts of it) at the inter-Balkan conference on "Orthodoxy as a cohesive bond of the Orthodox Balkan peoples - The vision of an Orthodox Balkan Commonwealth". This inter-Balkan meeting took place in Athens, at the Caravel Hotel, on May 30, 1993, as part of a wider series of events for the anniversary of the fall of the city

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