Nikodimos Agioreitis

Saint Nikodimos was born in Naxos in the year 1749 AD. from pious and virtuous parents, Antonios and Anastasia Kalliboursis (who became a nun in the Chrysostom Monastery of Naxos, under the name Agathi). His real name was Nikolaos and from an early age he showed that he was a man of great virtue and tremendous intelligence. He learned his first letters in Naxos and then at the school of the same city he expanded his knowledge, under the teacher of the brother of Agios Kosmas of Aitolos, Archimandrite Chrysanthos. After 16 years he went to the Greek school of Smyrna, where he received a higher education and virtue near famous teachers. After some adventures, in 1775 AD. went to Mount Athos. There, in the Monastery of Agios Dionysios, a monk by the name of Nikodimos was established. The Fathers of the Monastery, who recognized the great natural and acquired gifts of Nicodemus, appointed him reader and secretary of the Monastery. In this Monastery, Nicodemus was a model of ministry and acts of virtue. Then he retired to a cell, where, in an ascetic way, he devoted himself to the study and writing of many edifying, theological and hagiological books. Among them are "Synaxaristis", " Eortodromion ", "Nea Klimaka", " Invisible War " and many others.

Finally, after various adventures, which he suffered in his short life, he died of hemiplegia, at the age of 60, in the early morning hours of July 14, 1809 AD. in the cell of Skourtai, in Karyes of Mount Athos. His last words were the answer he gave to his disciples when they asked him if he was quiet: "I put Christ in me and how can I not be quiet?". He was buried in the Lavriotic Cell of Skourtaia in the Karyes of Mount Athos, leaving behind him a huge spiritual work of writing, which today is a chapter for the people of the Orthodox Church.

Our Church has been worthy since the year 1955 AD. she listed him in her Hagiologio.

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