Fr. Antonios Gigizas - The invisible elder of Athens

Eleni Kontou

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Who would have imagined that on one of its busiest avenues, Alexandras Avenue at number 59, in the semi-basement of an apartment building, a spiritual man, so humble, so invisible, so simple, lived and worked spiritually, leading souls to God!
The elder is none other than Fr. Antonio Gikiza. An elder like those we read in Gerontikos with deep humility, subtle kindness, great discernment, much love.
The semi-basement was a small apartment with little light, very poor, simple. So simple that the thought crossed that maybe the stable of St. Ioannou the Russian was better. This was the old man's cell.
The old man had one purpose, the help of every suffering, tired soul with a paternal, simple, loving way of love, understanding, prayer. A desire in his soul, spiritual communication with God. Even though he lived in Athens, he was far from the things of the world. Only the prayer "for the universe of the world" existed in his heart. Thus the semi-basement became a place of spiritual light, prayer, repentance and rest for those who visited or ministered to the elder.


The edition was carried out in collaboration with I.M. Ag. Antoniou Achladeris of Evia.
Includes biographical information about the elder Antonio
and his spiritual admonitions, along with rich photographic material.

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