Hadjinikolaou p. Nikolaos

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This book at first reading seems to be talking about Mount Athos. Mount Athos on a first visit seems to bear witness to monasticism. And in describing the appearance of the Lord in the Old Testament the strong wind, earthquake and fire do not reveal Him, they simply precede His coming. The Lord is in the gentle breeze, in the "voice of the gentle breeze." And this book does not speak of Mount Athos, but of the "subtle breeze" that blows there and of the "voice" that echoes and testifies to the Lord.

This edition does not attempt to urge the reader to the Mount, but to make him suspect the Holy...

The six texts of this book explain how the solitary ethos refers to the ethos of the Cross and extend to the palpation of subtle inner movements that require us to face our spiritual life as a holy term to climb.

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