Nikos Orphanidis

Nikos Orfanidis was born in Kythrea, Cyprus in 1949. He is a graduate of the Pancyprian High School (1967), a graduate of the Philosophy School of the University of Athens (1972) and a Doctor of Philosophy from the University of Crete, with his work "The Greek Cavafy" (1990). He is a poet, prose writer and essayist. He also dealt systematically with the study and criticism of literature and with Philosophy. He was honored with the State Poetry Prize, the State Short Story Prize and the State Essay Prize from the Ministry of Education and Culture of Cyprus. He was also honored with the Costa Monti Poetry Prize. He is the editor of the literary and critical magazine "Akti", which has been in circulation since 1989. He served at all levels of education in Cyprus. He taught Philosophy at the Pedagogical Academy of Cyprus and Modern Greek Literature at the postgraduate program of the "Neapolis" University of Paphos. He now teaches Philosophy of Education in the postgraduate program of the Theology department of the University of Nicosia. He was Inspector of Philological Courses, First Education Officer, Deputy Director of the Scientific Research Center, Director of the Pedagogical Institute and Member of the Educational Service Committee.
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