Dr. Alexandros Konstantinou Papaderos was born in Livadas Selinou, Crete in 1933. He studied at the Theological School of AUTH (1952-1956). He continued his studies at the University of Mainz, Germany. He attended courses in Theology, Philosophy, Pedagogy, Religion and Sociology. He specialized in Comparative Science of Civilizations/Cultural Studies. After the approval of his doctoral thesis (The Cultural Challenge of Greece since the Enlightenment according to Korais and the Economist) he was awarded a Doctor of Philosophy at the Faculty of Philosophy of the same University. Appointed to the position of Scientific Assistant/Curator at the Comparative Science of Civilizations Seminar (1.1.1962-30.9.1963). Alexandros Papaderos founded together with the Metropolitan of Kissamos and Selinos Irineos (Galanaki) the Orthodox Academy of Crete, of which he was the first General Director (1962-2008). During this service, 1,965 conferences were held at the Foundation. He has taken part in many official missions to Churches, has lectured at conferences and other events in many countries on all continents, and has been a speaker on radio and television shows. His proposal for the establishment of a Museum of the Battle of Crete, the Occupation and the Resistance led to the establishment of a non-profit Urban Society, of which he is the President and coordinates the diligent efforts to achieve this lofty goal.