Alexandros Papadiamantis

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Collection of short stories by Alexandros Papadiamantis

Anthology and philological editing
N.D. Triantafyllopoulos

Lamprini N. Triantafyllopoulou

Anthology and corrected edition of the five-volume critical edition of Papadiamantis' Answers, by the same editors.

Contains the short stories:

  • Love at the stake
  • Ghost of Immaculate Conception
  • Enjoyment in the neighborhood
  • For pride
  • Woman sailing
  • Mercury abroad
  • Eros - Eros
  • The sweet tooth
  • Nostalgos
  • The Consort
  • The Apothecary
  • The voice of the Dragon
  • Lambriat singer
  • With the pedestrian
  • Shipwrecks wrecks
  • Dead traveler
  • The American
  • The Wedding of Karakhmets
  • Love in the snow
  • Kakomis
  • The Fallen Dervish
  • Pandrologus
  • The Chalasochoris
  • All around the lake
  • A river in the waves
  • Revival of the Fifteenth of August
  • In Aghi-Anastasa
  • In Christ, in the Castle
  • Strict mother
  • The little star
  • Theoponti
  • The Kamini
  • The Hidden Mandraki
  • The Myrology of the seal
  • Crazy night
  • Under the royal oak
  • Poor Saint
  • Lights - Full lights
  • Without a crown
  • Ouch! Torments

The order in which the short stories are published is chronological (chronology of first publication). The year of first publication coincides more or less, as a rule, with the year of writing, so the reader can form at least a dim picture of the author's development.

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ISBN: 978-960-353-089-1

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