GYFTOPOULA - Alexandrou Papadiamantis

Introduction-Text Editing-Notes: Angelos Kalogeropoulos

Alexandros Papadiamantis

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A new edition of "Gyftopoula" by Papadiamantis from Domos and Angelos Kalogeropoulos. This is a book that facilitates the reading and understanding of this very important work, without attempting any transcription. The preface and linguistic comments are signed by the author himself, while Dimitris Mavropoulos is the editor.

Papadiamantis remains an "untranslated scandal", even for those who speak the Greek language. That is why the present edition of Gyftopoulas provides the reader with rich linguistic and factual comments. Thus, not only is Papadiamantis's language not mutilated, but it is opened to today's reader as a source of timeless linguistic richness.

Gyftopoula is the last novel by Papadiamantis, where both his writing innovation and his vision become clearly visible. We must highlight this, as we have trapped him in another type of "lethargic delusion", which makes him nostalgic for a lost paradise of an ideal community. It demolishes the idols of utopia, ideology, literature and frees us from divisive dilemmas. And he is content with the "narrow", his own work which is to describe things and persons to us. The persons (not the "person" as an abstract concept) that will always be novel, unique, unrepeatable, unexpected and free. The persons who are not predetermined by history and origin, without being ahistorical and indifferent to their origin. The persons who understand themselves the more they summarize in their freedom the manifestation of God as love for the neighbor. And he invites us to look not at an opposite enemy, but at an overwhelmed self.

Angelos Kalogeropoulos was born in Kyparissia in 1959. He works as a philologist in Secondary Education. He has published the poetry collections Herodia, published by Erourem, (1986), Solution of the continuity of the skin, published by Planodion (1990), Sirrama, published by Armos, (1997), Late Lessons, published by To Koinon ton Oreai Technon, (2002) ,The Bright Window, ed. Indiktos 2004, So It Is, ed. Armos 2010, the study O Thrus tou deratos. The music in Papadiamantis, Armos 1994 and The short stories "Narratives of a next world" (Armos 2013). His latest book is "Anacomidi" En Plo 2016.

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