Papadopoulos Stylianos (Old monk)

Stylianos G. Papadopoulos was born in Ancient Kleones, Corinth in 1933 and studied theology at the University of Athens, patrology and Byzantine studies at the Sorbonne (Paris), Byzantine theology and philology and history of philosophy in Munich. He published many studies-monographs on Scholastic theology in Byzantium, on the great Fathers of the Church M. Athanasius, M. Vasilios, Gregory the Theologian, John Chrysostomos and Cyril of Alexandria. At the Athens School of Theology he became an eminent doctor (1967), assistant professor and professor (1972) of the department of Patrology and Patristic Theology, while he also taught at other higher and higher institutions. He published a system of patrology with the same structure (2 volumes), published studies on contemporary theological-philosophical topics (such as theology and language), wrote narrative biographies, organized scientific conferences (also outside Greece), took part in international conferences, represented the Patriarchate of Alexandria in orthodox, church and inter-Christian conferences and dialogues, he was invited to lecture at university theological schools in Italy, Russia, England, Czech Republic, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, Lebanon, Slovakia, Egypt and Poland. As professor emeritus he continued to minister patristic theology and related research.

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