Papathanasiou Thanasis

Thanasis N. Papathanasiou holds a doctorate in theology (1991 in missionary studies), a degree in theology (1986) and law (1981). After a professional wandering in the field of law, he has been serving since 1992 in secondary education as a theology teacher. On secondment he served at the Theological School of Athens (1993-96) and taught at the Higher Church School of Athens (2000-07) and later at the Higher Church Academy of Athens (2007-2008). He lives in Athens with his wife Eleni Tamaresi, with whom he worked, among other things, in the youth sector of the parish of Agios Dimitrios Byrons during the twenty-five years 1979-2004. He is editor-in-chief of the theological magazine Synaxis since the end of 1997.

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