Metropolitan Chrysostomos III of Mani

The Rev. Metropolitan of Mani, Mr. Chrysostomos (born Christos Papathanasiou), was born in Athens in 1950.
He studied at the Faculty of Law and Theology of the University of Athens. He was re-educated at the Universities of Paris (Sorbonne) and Geneva. Tyghanei holds a Doctorate in Canon Law from the School of Theology and Ecclesiastical Law from the Law School of the University of Athens. On 2-20-2000 he was ordained a Deacon and on 5-28-2000 an Elder by the late Archbishop of Athens Christodoulos and ordained an Archimandrite. He served as a Preacher of the 1st Archdiocese of Athens and in particular at the Athens Cathedral for fifteen years. He was Director of the special Office of His Beatitude Archbishop of Athens and All Greece Mr. Hieronymos II and at the same time he was a priest at the Arsakeia Schools (P. Psychikos). He authored books and studies and took part in many conferences in Greece and abroad. He was elected Metropolitan of Mani on February 7, 2018 and ordained on the 10th of the same month in the Metropolitan Cathedral of Athens.

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