Paraskeva-Hatzikosta Iota

Iota Paraskeva-Hatzikosta lives in Limassol, Cyprus and is a philologist. He has published poetry and prose in literary magazines and wrote the collection of short stories "Grandmother the Mermaid" (Limesos 2004). At the same time, she deals with scientific research and in particular with women's literature in Cyprus at the end of the 19th century until the middle of the 20th. In her doctoral thesis she has dealt with the pedagogue and writer Persephone Papadopoulou. He published the book "Persefoni Papadopoulou's Tsifides of Life", publications "En Tipophis" Nicosia 2006 (with a foreword by the late Rector of the University of Athens, Professor George Babiniotis) and published related works. Also, in collaboration with Professor Th. Pylarinos, he prepared an edition of the works of the speech of Polyxenis Loiziados as part of a research program of the Cyprus Scientific Research Center in the series Sources and studies of Cypriot History . He has been awarded in the 1st and 2nd Panhellenic Short Story Competition "Antonis Samarakis" (2001 and 2003). He also received the Union of European Writers Award at the 9th Panhellenic Poetry Festival of Thessaloniki 2009-2010, praise from the Cyprus National Society of Writers in poetry (Literary Awards 2005) and the poetry competition of the 25th Patras Poetry Symposium (2005) . The book "A new star in the sky" was awarded by the Cyprus Children's and Young People's Book Association in 2008.

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