Christ's trial and ours

Rowan Williams

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Rowan Williams is a theologian well versed in the Christian tradition as a whole. He handles with incredible fluency the paternal secretariat, especially the desert discourse with his simple yet profound wisdom. At the same time, his erudition allows him to move in contemporary theology, literature, theater, cinema and arts, giving his texts a freshness.

Through the stories of the four Evangelists, he takes us to the darkest night of human history. That night when people tried to judge God. In other words, what we do every day in our lives, every time we believe that God does not respond to our demands, desires and plans.
Williams presents us with God's "other" way that is clearly far from ours. Another reaction, attitude and situation towards the powers of this world. The world has counterfeited the essence of revealed truth. He cannot understand or interpret persons, things and meanings. For Him the people without a voice, those who have entered the margins of history, take on a leading role.
There are no perfect human conditions. Christ loves the present of our life no matter how weak it is. God does not abhor our dark sides, he does not ask to cooperate with an ideal part of us, but with that marginal, blocked and unexpressed part of being.

Perhaps one of the best books ever written on faith!

This is a wonderful book. One of those books that when you read it you don't see when its pages end, but you wish it had many more. Text simply written, but profound, full of Spirit. Words, phrases and thoughts that strike not in the mind but in the heart of the reader.

(d. Charalambos Papadopoulos)

From the preface of the book

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