Vasiliki Ralli was born in Thermi of Lesbos a few months after the Asia Minor disaster. It comes from Moshonisi in Asia Minor. Her father Nikolaos Maragos was captured by the Turks while her mother came as a refugee to Lesvos, miraculously escaping the massacre in the tragic September of 1922. Vasiliki graduated from the High School for Girls and the French School of Mytilene.
Although from an early age she was engaged in poetry, yet in recent years she has given us wonderful examples of prose, in which her love, nostalgia and deep pain for her unforgettable homeland, as well as her deep faith and reverence for God and the Saints. Vasiliki Ralli is the first to receive in a dream the hints of Saint Raphael regarding the revelation of the relics in her estate and to this day is the main and most reliable source of information about the "Miracle of Thermi".

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