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With this book, "EN PLO" Publications closes a circle. It was a text by Fr. Antonios Romaios entitled "Mi mou hapto" that we hosted in our first publishing project and it was about the meeting of Mary Magdalene with the Risen Lord.
They mediated 6 books of the wise modern spiritual man, with texts of rare spiritual depth and penetrating theological self-awareness.
Our publishing collaboration is completed with this poetry collection under the title "I forgot my heart". They are treasured "verses" written by Father Antonios during the last several years.
Poetic, symbolic, reductive, consoling but also often caustic and humorous speech. Doxological poems, eucharistic but at the same time cries of pain, begging and searching. Thirst for the great God! Endless trek and pursuit of the Kingdom...
It is his wish and desire, as stated in the foreword of the publication, that every soul who reads these verses will make their relationship with Christ more warm.
Our desire to be accompanied by his paternal wish and his love...

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Lord, I'm jealous!

I envy the "lost drachma"
where do you find it?
I envy the "lost sheep"
who again grazes in Your pasture.
I envy Your "younger son",
where you wear his ring and "the first" outfit.
I don't want - and yet I imitate -
Your "eldest son";
I refuse to cooperate
with Your paternal Heart.
I refuse to share
Your Mercy to "sinners".
What keeps me in the ranks of the Pharisees?
Ah! This is it; the "letter of the law"!
That makes me feel "fair"
just when I get drunk with wine
of incurable promiscuity!
who dresses me in my "holiday" clothes
that keeps me away from You!
will you make it Your "miracle"?
Will you save me from myself?

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