Robinson Marilyn

Marilyn Robinson was born in 1947. Her first novel Housekeeping (1981), one of the best novels of all time according to the Observer, received the PEN/Hemingway Award for Best Debut Novel and was nominated for the Pulinger Prize. Her second work, Gilead, published twenty-four years later, won the Pulinger Prize and the National Critics Award. In 2009 she was again nominated for the Pulitzer, for her third novel entitled "Home", which has already been awarded the Orange Prize, the most important literary award for an English-speaking female author. Robinson is a living legend of modern American literature. In 2009 he delivered a series of lectures at Yale University, which caused a sensation and sparked intense debate - titled: "Absence of Spirit: The Modern Myth of the Self and the Scattering of Its Inner Essence."

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