Alexios G. K. Savvidis (Athens, 1955), Master of Philosophy at Kings College University, PhD at the University of Thessaloniki, Byzantine historian-historian, is a professor of Byzantine and medieval history at the University of the Aegean (Rhodes). In the period 1995-1999 he taught by assignment Byzantine and medieval history at the University of Athens (Pedagogical Department D.E.), while since 1997 he has been teaching (every two years) Byzantine history and Byzantine-Islamic relations at the Department of Greek and Latin Studies of Rand University. Afrikaans of Johannesburg (South Africa). In the period 1985-2001 he was a researcher at the Byzantine Research Center of the National Research Foundation (Athens), while in 2001 he was elected associate professor at the University of the Aegean (Department of Mediterranean Studies/Rhodes), where he became a professor in 2005. He has taught at universities in Greece and abroad and has participated in many international scientific conferences. He is editor of the magazine "Byzantinos Domos") and the "Encyclopedic Personal Dictionary of Byzantine History and Culture". He has written books and studies/articles especially on Byzantium/Islam (Arabs-Turks) relations, on Byzantine portraiture/genealogy and on the medieval history of Greece and the Near East, while his articles have been published in prestigious international encyclopedic works. In 1997, he was awarded the Abdi-Ipecsi A Prize 1996-1997 for his contribution to the study of Byzantine-Turkish relations.

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