Sevkunov p. Tyhon

Father Tychon Sevkunov was born in 1955 to a family of doctors. In 1982 he completed his studies at the School of Screenwriting of the Pan-Union State Institute of Cinematography with a specialization in literary work.
After completing his studies, he became a probationary monk at the Monastery of the Caves of Pskov. From August 1986 he started as an extraordinary associate of the Publishing House of the Moscow Patriarchate, headed by Metropolitan Pitirim (Netchaev).
In July 1991 he was ordained a deacon and in August of the same year an elder. He served in the Holy Monastery of Donskoy in Moscow.
In 1993, he was appointed superior of the Muscovite Metochius of the Holy Monastery of the Pskov Caves, which was converted into a parish of the Holy Church of Our Lady of Vladimir of the former Sretensky Monastery.
In 1995 he received the office of Abbot and in July 1996 he was appointed Professor of the Holy Monastery of Sretenski. Since 1999 he has been rector of the Higher Orthodox Theological School of Sretenski.
He is the creator of the documentary film "Holy Monastery of the Pskov Caves", which was awarded the Grand Prix (2007) of the 12th International Festival of Christian Orthodox Films and TV Shows "Ratonez", as well as the documentary film "The Collapse of the Empire – The Byzantine Lesson”, awarded with the Golden Eagle Award (2008) of the National Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences of Russia.
In 2010, by decision of the Holy Synod of the Moscow Patriarchate, he was appointed Secretary of the Patriarchal Committee for Culture, while in the same year he was appointed a member of the Return of Culture and Art, opposite the President of the Russian Federation.

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