Staniloae p. Dimitrios

Father Dimitrios Staniloae was born in 1903, in Transylvania. He studied theology at the famous theological school of Cernauti and later in Athens (for a short time), where he learned the Greek language. He also studied in Munich and Berlin. In 1929, at the age of 26, he was appointed deputy professor in the chair of Dogmatics at the Theological Academy of Sibiu. For 17 years he has been teaching Dogmatic and occasionally Apologetics, Pastoral and Greek language. In 1935 he was elected full professor and in 1936 rector of the Theological Academy of Sibiu until 1946, when he was forced for political reasons to move to Bucharest. He dealt with Palamic theology and Dogmatics, leaving behind monumental studies. His translation work in Romania is enormous: he translated into Romanian the most important patristic works as well as the Philokalia. He died in 1993 and today he is considered one of the most important Orthodox theologians of the twentieth century.

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