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The source of false religion is the inability to rejoice, or rather the denial of joy, while joy is absolutely essential because, without a doubt, it is a fruit of God's presence. One cannot know that God exists and not be happy. Only in relation to joy, the fear of God and humility are correct, genuine and fruitful. Outside of joy, everything becomes demonic, a deeper perversion of all religious experience. A religion of fear. Religion of false humiliation. Religion of guilt: all are temptations and snares - very strong indeed, not only in the world, but also in the Church. "Religious" people somehow view joy with suspicion.

I think how God will forgive everything except the lack of joy. That we forget how God created and saved the world. Joy is not one of the "ingredients" of Christianity, but it is the tone of Christianity that permeates everything - faith and vision. Where there is no joy, Christianity becomes fear and consequently torture. We know about the fallen state our world is in, only because we know its wonderful creation and its salvation by Christ. The knowledge of the dying world cannot kill joy, which always flows into this world, constantly as a "joy".

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