Collector's box for the 100th anniversary of the Asia Minor disaster

Collective work

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Gift box containing:

1. SMYRNA, BELOVED CITY. Daily calendar 2022. Agenda 2022 is dedicated to Asia Minor and the famous culture of Smyrna. It contains a chronology that starts from 1908 (with the Young Turks movement) and ends in 1923 (with the Treaty of Lausanne), timing all the important events of the time. All the protagonists of the era (Greeks and foreigners) are presented with photos and biographies. On each page of the diary are listed remarkable texts from distinguished people of the time but also from later intellectuals as well as rare photographs from this period. Each month is enriched with authentic Smyrna recipes as well as vocabulary of the Greeks of Asia Minor. Edited by: Flora Vgontza / Eleni-Filothei Kalathas .

2. TO XAMENO TAIRI. His novel Dionysis Leimonis . The lost match keeps Grandma Despina alive. This does not exchange it for all the riches of the West and the East. And if she passes away, there is her continuity for the sacred duty. The hopes did not run out. Even now that the oak of the house is bleeding, a promise of life can keep the flame of hope unquenched. The small box, covered in silk fabric, holds in its bowels only half of the happiness of Grandma Despina. The rest have been languishing on the other side ever since, from that unholy persecution that opened deep wounds in the breasts. It was then that a medicated generation left our Ionia badly, with many tears and sighs. But the lost match must be found, to restore the order of things, to divide the worry.

3. FOLK TALES OF MIKRASIA. An anthology of folk tales of Asia Minor edited by her Nitsa Pararas-Eufthydou . The Asia Minor fairy tale also has its place in our effort to save what we can from the once Greek homelands of the East. And the effort is much more difficult in this particular case, because these Roman communities of the Greeks disappeared from the face of the earth, after a terrible historical disaster. A disaster, which began in 1914 and ended in 1923, with the complete exchange of populations.

4. MIKRASIA LYTHROS. DIGITAL DISC (CD). Songs of Sevda with him lead singer Georgios Ep. Hatzichronoglou . The Smyrna songs, as Palamas says, are Greek, with long and sad elements, but with a faith and obsession, which only appear in the resistance tradition and popular art. With these songs, humanity, Greek and Byzantine traditions, Ionia and the Greek Aegean are opposed to barbarism.

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