Speeches on the Mother of God feasts

Συγγραφέας: Simeon, Metropolitan of Nea Smyrna

ISBN: 978-960-9550-71-0
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The person our Church honors the most, after the God-man Lord, our Savior Jesus Christ, is the Most Holy Theotokos. In her conscience - her faith and worship - the Virgin Mary is even more honorable than the Cherubim and more glorious than the Seraphim.

The respect, honor, love and devotion that we Orthodox Christians have for the Virgin Mary is unlimited. After the Lord Jesus, she is the one who occupies the most central place in our ecclesiastical worship and individual prayer. The brief prayers that the faithful address to the Theotokos, "Holy Mother of God", "intercede for us" or "save us!", are heard countless times in every worship gathering.
The invocation "My Virgin!", which spontaneously springs from our lips every hour and every moment - especially in difficult times - demonstrates the deep trust and unshakable conviction of her spiritual presence in our lives.

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