Sotiris Kakisis

Sotiris Kakisis was born in 1954 in Athens. He has published several poetry collections. He also translated and published everything by Sappho, Alcaeus, Herodes, Proust, Thurber, Kolodi, Gorey, Baum, Lewis Carroll and all the non-fiction works of Woody Allen. He published short stories, essays, comics, autobiographical texts. In cinema, he has written two screenplays with George Panousopoulos, "Do you love me?" (1989) and "One Day at Night" (1999). As a lyricist, he has written songs for many records ("Ta Kokkina Patinia", "Sappho", "Sweet and Sour Wine", "Powerless Lies", "The Back Door", "My Enemy" etc.). His poems and short stories have been translated into French, English, Spanish and Italian.