Catechism courses for adults

Dimitris Mavropoulos

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The book contains a series of lessons in which the conditions of faith and the ways in which believers are led to the knowledge of God are presented. These terms are not presented in a systematic way, as we do in so-called academic theology, that is, with a succession of topics such as theology, Christology, soteriology, etc., but in a supervisory way, as we perceive the elements of faith to be revealed to us as we walk in an orthodox church, from west to east, from its courtyard to the holy Vima. Each part of the temple refers to or reminds certain elements of faith.

The main element of the lessons is to remind and clarify the terms of the faith. That is, in essence, to comment on and interpret the "what" of the Church - what the Church is. But also to describe the "how" of the Church - how the Church moves through history. So they have a catechism character, or, in simpler words, it is a catechism for adults.

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