Texts of priestly responsibility.

Simeon, Metropolitan of Nea Smyrna

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My priesthood! My Lord's great, dishonorable gift! My most precious treasure!

Nothing in the world has as much value as the gift of the priesthood. Nothing on earth, however precious, can be compared to the priestly gift, the adornment of the priesthood, with which the grace of the Holy Spirit adorns us weak and imperfect people, who "heals the sick" and " fill in the gaps".
Priesthood is offered to us as a gift, "free". Not because we deserve it or because we deserve it, but because God's love and charity, which offers us the gift, is immeasurable and inexpressible...

The texts of this book support priestly inclinations and highlight pastoral responsibilities by projecting genuine ecclesiastical criteria. That is why they concern us all.

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