Episcopal mortgages

Simeon, Metropolitan of Nea Smyrna

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It is established practice when the candidate for ordination is brought before the bishop, for the ordaining bishop to address the candidate and point out:

• the height of the priestly gift;
• the responsibility borne before God and men;
• how he should live and behave as a clergyman;
• the duties that he is called upon to perform with zeal and self-sacrifice.
This book contains the bishop's speeches to the candidates for the great mystery of the priesthood.
It is about helping those who are thinking of becoming clergy, to realize more fully both the height of the charisma and the spiritual demands that their desire to become clergy and minister to our holy Church implies.

But also for the fullness of the Church it is a reminder of the high gift that we believers enjoy as a body, to have among us brothers dedicated to the ministry of the mysteries of the Lord.

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