Festive pastoral messages

Simeon, Metropolitan of Nea Smyrna

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On the anniversary of 10 years (2012) as high priest, the Metropolitan of Nea Smyrna, Mr. Simeon, delivers a book of festive pastoral messages to the people of God

"It has been completed by the Lord's mercy a whole decade since we received the gift of the high priesthood and assumed the responsibility of pastoring the Holy Metropolis of New Smyrna.
Ten whole years of episcopal ministry in our local Church!
There are very few cheerful moments. Endless hours - day and night - of responsibility, reflection, anxiety, sadness, even tears...
Blessed be God! We also humbly repeat the words of the apostle Paul: "We are not of ourselves able to think that something comes from ourselves; but our ability comes from God. He has qualified us to serve the new covenant..." ( II Cor. 3, 5-6). All that is good is His gift. And it took place with the contribution of our dear and valuable collaborators, clergy and laity. Ours are the mistakes, the imperfections, the omissions...
Gift of the Lord and the completion of ten years of episcopal ministry. To him be the glory and honor and thanksgiving. In memory of this anniversary, this small book is published. It includes solemn pastoral messages, which we addressed to the holy Clergy and our Christian brothers. For their sake they were compiled with a lot of love and are dedicated to them. They belong to them."

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