82 poems (bilingual edition, Greek-Russian)

Misgulin Dimitrios

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Quiet words of prayer

and sound of bells,

and it barely reaches the ears

the lapping of the waves faintly audible.

pale rays of dawn,

bright expanse,

and in the clouds the monasteries,

like mountain silhouettes.

Ancient flash of images,

the candlesticks twinkle.

A covenant, a law

for many years without interruption.

I wipe away the tear of oblivion

with a heavy hand.

Home from Athos I will bring hope and peace.

For a moment I was saved

in my ignorance

in the mist I rose

above the stinking reality.

Of eternal wisdom the answer

I have already received

like distant starlight

it glows in the soul.

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ISBN: 978-960-9550-29-1

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