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Dimitris Angelis , theologian, Doctor of Philosophy, poet and educator

Stavros Giagazoglou , Assistant Professor of Dogmatics at the Theology Department of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Lecturer at the Hellenic Open University.

Issue Contents

PETROS VASSILEIADIS The importance of theological dialogues and their results

JOHN MILBANK "Christianity is more Platonic than Plato" Interview with Dionysis Skliris

METROPOLITAN OF MESSINA CHRYSOSTOMS SABBATOS The participation of the Orthodox Church in the "Ecumenical Movement" and in bilateral theological dialogues as an expression of its ecclesiastical self-awareness

KONSTANTINOS AGORAS Una Sancta and the "reversal of the gaze"

STYLIANOS H. TSOMBANIDIS "The Church does not live for itself". Motivations, nature and assessment of Orthodox participation in the Ecumenical Movement

PANAGIOTIS AR. YFANTIS Self-criticism and constant conversion. Reflections on the path towards a new ecumenism

PANTELIS KALAITZIDIS "Orthodox East versus heretical West". Theological, historical and cultural reasons for the appearance of anti-ecumenical movements in Orthodoxy

DIMITRA A. KOUKOURA Inter-Christian dialogues – Ecumenical movement: Orthodox participation, information and reactions

ELENI KASSELOURI-HATZIVASILIADI, PARASKEI IOAKIMIDOU The participation of Orthodox women in the ecumenical movement. History, challenges and prospects

DIMITRIS KERAMIDAS Orthodoxy and the West. Orthodox and Catholics on the way to catalage

ARCHBISHOP OF CORFU, ZAKYNTHUS AND KEFALONIA IOANNIS SPITERIS The Church of Rome and synodality in the institution of the pentarchy

Father IOANNIS ASIMAKIS Aspects of Catholic ecclesiology in inter-Christian dialogue

Father IOANNIS CHRYSAUGIS Dialogue on creation. Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew and Pope Francis for the care of the building

ANTONIS L. SMYRNAIOS The meeting of Orthodoxy and Protestantism in 19th century Greece: history and perspectives

STEFANOS KAVALLIERAKIS The influence of Protestant and Catholic schools on the Greek educational system after the establishment of the Greek state

NIKOS KOUREMENOS The theological dialogue between the Orthodox and Ancient Eastern Churches: Common faith expressed in different terminology

BASILIKI STATHOKOSTA The inter-Christian dialogues during the 20th and 21st centuries: assessment of the Orthodox contribution

STAVROS GIAGZAZOGLOU Epilogue: Living and serving the unity of Christians in the Orthodox Church. For a modern ecumenism in the context of the Orthodox Tradition

DIONYSIOS SCLIRIS What does it mean that God is love? Towards a de-idolization of Theology

MATTHEOS MUNDES You made mental assumptions about something

N.D. TRIANTAFYLLOPOULOS Your papadiamantico needs a little interpretation

KONSTANTINOS P. CHARALAMPIDIS The Florentine painter Masaccio, creator of the modern woman

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