Turn on Helen

    Eleni Tzika was born in 1951 in Kato Milia, Pieria. Her parents were farmers (no fields). Given the social conditions of the time and the family's economic hardship, it was an "incomprehensible" dare to send their daughter to Katerini to finish high school and then to Thessaloniki to study at the Philosophical School, from where she graduated in 1975. She wrote poetry from an early age. which were published in youth magazines of the time. Later she wrote articles in local newspapers, mainly about the folklore of her place. In collaboration with the National Radio Foundation and the Macedonian Band, she sang folk songs of her region. Since 1976 she lives in Katerini and works as a teacher, with the exception of a five-year secondment when she taught at a school in Germany. "Shh... the world is listening to us" is her first novel.

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