Christos Tsiamoulis-Ereunidis Pavlos

Christos Tsiamoulis was born in Athens in 1961. He studied guitar with Lisa Zoi and theory at the National Conservatory of Athens. He then received a diploma in Byzantine music with teacher Lykourgos Angelopoulos from the Skalkota Conservatory. From 1980, on the occasion of his acquaintance with the club of Simon Karras, he turned to the study of Greek traditional music and the learning of traditional instruments such as the oud, the political and land lute, the sazi, the tamboura and the tamboura with bow, the politics and the Cretan lyre, the Cappadocian kemanes, the ney, the kavali, the flogera, etc. With "Dynameis tou Aegeani" in 1985, he began a creative journey on the tradition but also on the musical trends of modern song. Along with the release of three CDs "Dynameis tou Aegean" 1985, "Ihos B" 1985 [EMI] and "Eastern Window" 1989 [MBI], the band gave concerts in Greece, Europe, America and Australia until 1991 where their collaboration ended. He collaborated with many musicians, singers and composers of the older and new generation: (M. Hatzidakis, D. Savvopoulos, G. Markopoulos, N. Xydakis, N. Mamagakis, G. Hatzinassios, D. Maragopoulos, N. Kypourgos, M. Farandouri, El. He also collaborated with many important representatives of traditional music: (Simon Karras, Chr. Aidonidis, D. Samiou, N. Saragoudas, Mario, Psarantonis, M. Tzouganakis, G. Amarantidis, M. Kaliontzidis), and with all the younger masters of the new generation. He also contributed to the creation of "Estudiandina" where he sang and participated in the orchestra from its first steps. After the end of "Aegean Forces" he continued a personal career that includes records, which mainly contain his own compositions as well as arrangements of traditional songs the processing of modern elements with motifs of traditional and popular Greek music and the tradition of the Eastern Mediterranean in general. Since 1985 he has been teaching traditional instruments in conservatories and music schools: Peristeri Spiritual Center, Goulandris-Horn Foundation, Skalkota Conservatory, Perissos Music School, Chaidari Music High School, Museum of Folk Instruments, Municipal Conservatory of Patras). In 2003, he started a collaboration with the Athens Conservatory, creating a Greek music department where all traditional instruments and Greek dances are taught. In the context of this department, he teaches Greek music theory, singing, oud, history of Byzantine and traditional music, as well as the theoretical course "Sound and Makam" in the context of the postgraduate department of Byzantine. Since 2004 he has been teaching tambourine at the musicology department of the University of Athens. He has given many seminars throughout Greece on the topic of Greek traditional music and the practice of the art of improvisation on the makam. As a master of the oud, he participated in the first meeting of lute players in 1990 in Pallas, organized by Lambros Liavas, and in the International Meeting for lute players held in 2005 at the Athens Concert Hall, co-organized by "En Chordais". As a master of the nei, he played at the Herodes Conservatory of Atticus next to Suleiman Ergunier in the context of a gathering of Greeks and Turks and participated in a concert of Turkish religious music that took place at Kos Museum as part of the Istanbul Music Festival in 2003. He published a book in collaboration with P. Ereunidis with a collection of songs and music entitled "Roman Composers of the City, 17th-18th c." (Domos Publications).



Pavlos Ereunidis was born in Thessaloniki in 1967. The homeland of all his grandparents was Cappadocia. He graduated from the School of Food Technology of TEI Thessaloniki in 1992. Since then he has been dealing with the culinary tradition of Greece and Turkey as well as with the music of these countries. He has been involved in music since childhood. He studied Psalter under Eleftherios Georgiadis in Thessaloniki. His love for Eastern music led him to Istanbul, where he met Mehmet Seker, who became his tambour teacher. He also watched the work of the well-known organ maker of the City, Turhan Demireli, as well as other masters of the artistic instrument making of Turkey, and began to deal with the manufacture of musical instruments himself. In 1995, he settled in Athens, where he currently maintains the shop of traditional musical instruments "Pandora". He deals with research on the evolution of music theory from the Middle Ages to the present day. In this context, his interest in collecting data related to the activity of Roman composers is included. He has written articles on scholarly musical traditions in the East, and has participated in international musicological conferences in Greece and abroad.

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